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About Me

About Me

Part creative thinker, part pragmatic engineer, I have over 7 years of professional experience as a computer and software engineer. I've advised and built developer tools and data engineering infrastructure for fintech startup CircleUp, coordinated testing, automation, and product excellence at Google, and conceived and prototyped communication tools for the Navy.

But nothing gets me more excited than merging technology and the arts. Possibilities are endless when I combine my love for digital photography, multimedia, and design with my strong engineering background.

My Specialties

My Specialties

Software Engineering

System architecture and design, developer tools and infrastructure, data engineering and analysis, web and mobile

Digital Multimedia

Photography, design and typography, video, physical computing, interactive multimedia

Project Leadership

Big picture coordination, navigating nuances, individual and team enablement, development, and productivity

Remote Teams

Building and maintaining strong culture, ensuring efficiency and accountability, effective communication

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